About Us

   Restrosol was formed to provide consulting services to businesses in the restaurant and hospitality space. Restrosol is a leading foodservice consultancy and restaurant branding firm serving all sizes and sectors in the hospitality industry. Our all-inclusive services includes improving the operational standards of existing businesses across the country, and we take credit for many successful projects and industry benchmark operations. We lead the industry in new concept development for clients and have developed projects that grab headlines, win awards, draw crowds, and deliver on the bottom line.

In vast food world many company charging huge amount in terms of Franchise Fee for outlets. Even after paying that amount they are still not fully owner of that outlet. So we came up with food consulting company to help you in setting up your own outlet without any such type of fee.

Founder Corner

Restrosol Consulting has achieved an unrivaled industry reputation with national reach, endorsed by prestigious committee and accredited associations. Restrosol Consulting’s unique strategic methodology is founded upon independence, transparency, practical experience, extensive up-to-the-minute consumer research and is supported by a collection of unique, inter-related operational models. We believe and practice building and maintaining long term relationships with integrity, passion, quality, knowledge, meaning and fun at the heart of our approach.​

CHEF AJIT KUMAR SAHOO and CHANDRA JYOTI founded RESTROSOL in November 2018 with a vision to create a Positive Difference across the Food and Hospitality sector. Two years later, that passion and vision remain intact. Through our client centered approach, our dedicated team has delivered strategic direction, tactical guidance and operational support to over several national clients.​

Restrosol embodies the ethos of a restless, professional and approachable business. Throughout the Collection you will encounter proactive, imaginative and innovative thinkers who hold knowledge, experience and are intuitive to your needs. Creativity, energy and inspiration flourish throughout the Collection. Our passion is that you receive the best value and optimal solution from our expert team.​

Our Mission

We work with passion, perfection and professionalism to focus on profit making plans for our clients and by emphasizing on the return of Investment and minimalizing the Capital and Operational expenses

Our Vision

To become the world’s number one (#1) restaurant consultancy firm that provide unorthodox and distinctive restaurant concepts, food and beverage ideas, operational processes, marketing strategies, and staff training.

Our Core Values






Our Team

Ajit Kumar Sahoo

Chief Culinary Director

Chandra Jyoti

Event Planner