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Restaurant Renovation

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Renovating your restaurant is tricky business. Existing customers have come to enjoy and expect a certain aesthetic and energy from your business, not just the food. Dining out is just as much about the experience as it is the grub. There’s a fine line between overhauling your space, and renovation ideas that allow your creativity to shine through. To keep a restaurant profitable, the business must remain open, and provide great service through the renovation process; but it can be done.

Restaurant Renovation steps

Make Restaurant Renovation Checklist

Restaurant renovation is a serious business. The way your restaurant looks will determine what your customers think about your brand and food. Restaurant exterior and interior form the first impression of the quality of your restaurant in the customer’s mind. Moreover, renovating a restaurant is a costly business and you cannot just undo the renovations if you feel that they do not work. So, if you are thinking about remodeling your restaurant, here is a restaurant renovation checklist that will help you renovate your restaurant successfully

Budget Forecasting

Next on the restaurant renovation checklist is setting a budget. Remodeling projects always cost more than what you expect them to be. They also have an influence on your profits. So, setting up a budget for your restaurant needs special attention and sometimes, professional assistance as well. Hire a professional if you are not experienced in planning a budget.

Architecture and Interior Design

Restaurant renovation may require special considerations in regards to lighting, wiring, heating, air conditioning, painting, ventilation systems, water, parking, and many other factors. Hence, look for professionals who have worked on similar projects before. Request references from places they have worked at in the past, look for online reviews and visit their previous sites to gauge their quality of work. There is cutthroat competition in the restaurant space. To stand out, you don’t only need to set up your vision and functional specialty, but also ensure that your restaurant’s ambiance matches these two perspectives of your brand.

Renovate Menu on the Latest Trends

This menu renovation would not be complete without laying emphasis on the need to look at relevant trends. If you haven’t renovated for years, you might need a complete redo rather than add just a twist. Analyze the latest trends in your industry and come up with a renovation plan that is not only modern but also differentiates you from your competitors. Even if you have a traditional, family restaurant business, you can still incorporate the new-age facilities and technologies in your plan.


After spending too much time on solving the question of how to renovate your restaurant, you should know enough about marketing and the world around to make a presence. Therefore, you must advertise the fact that your restaurant just underwent a renovation. Announce it on all your social media profiles and through digital marketing campaigns such as promotional SMSs and emails. You can also come with social media campaigns or organize giveaways to get the word out. Your restaurant management software can help you achieve the same

Technologies for Transformation

From the cash register to the kitchen, technology is an integral part of how restaurants operate. Innovators are constantly coming up with new digital solutions to make running a restaurant easier, faster, and more profitable. This tech revolution has turned once imagined solutions into food service necessities, entirely transforming the restaurant business.

Making Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Your restaurant must have written Standard Operating Procedures for safe food handling. Health regulations require it. An overall SOP that covers all aspects of your business, from meeting and greeting to taking orders and processing payments, can be a means to satisfy customers on time, the same way, every time. It removes employee guesswork about how tasks are to be performed, improving productivity, efficiency and teamwork while providing a base for evaluating performance and making improvements.