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What Can Restrosol Restaurant Consultant Do For You?

Guided by a team of food service industry experts, we are a leading global restaurant consulting and hospitality consulting firm serving restaurants, hotels, bars, lounges, cafe, and any enterprise that requires food & beverage consulting.

Hospitality is one of the tremendous and popular businesses that being upgrades every minute of our life. Hospitality includes Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Lounges, and Cafes.

It requires a conscious and experienced restaurant consultant to build a space that should be well-looking and pleasant environment. We Restrosol are restaurant consultants with well-experienced and diversified experts for your needs.

Our Expert restaurant consulting team will not only build a well-looking space but also build it in your restaurant financial plan which made us unique and outstanding in resultant consulting. Our restaurant consultant planning and designing works according to your satisfaction and wellness. You imagine the idea and we at restrosol restaurant consulting will make it real and perfect.

Our team will design and undertake the new construction work and even renovation work of your restaurants, hotels, bars, lounges, and cafes.

Our Services

Startup - Restaurant Setup

Do You Dream of Starting a Restaurant? Our F&B Consulting Team Can Help Make it a Reality.

Restaurant Renovation

Is your Restaurant in need of renovation? Our Experienced team can help you A lot with that.

Event Management

we offer full-spectrum event management and production services in India, for all kind of events.

Why Choose Us

We reimbursed our site visit charges if the project is executed by our team

We do not ask for a chance; instead, we ask you to consult our team, discuss with us and decide what suggests by your mind. Our expertise restaurant consultant with superior restaurant consulting team leads you to reality.

  • A brief discussion about your requirement helps us to find out what actually you are looking for. Our restaurant consulting team will work according to it.
  • The expert restaurant consultant will guide you in every aspect.
  • The commitment and involvement of our consultancy in your project gives better and fabulous results.

Restaurant Consultancy:

As a Restaurant Consultants, our Restaurant Consulting team will offer a warm welcoming for your ideas and thoughts. Reveal your thoughts to make it real and fabulous. We at Restrosol not only work for start-ups but also undertake the renovating responsibilities and accomplish it according to your restaurant financial plan.
Whether the idea may be mini or major, it does not matter; our restaurant consultant will always help you to step forward in accomplishing it.

Our Restaurant Set Up Services:

You may hear many words that the quality and quantity will not settle at one place but our restaurant consulting experts will make it happen. Come to us with your budget and we will design your dream in optimally keeping your concern and requirements in mind.

Menu Consultant:

Every restaurant will be popular for its unique and authentic food. The uniqueness in taste of food will drive the foodies to the restaurants repeatedly so, we are not limited ourselves to restaurant renovations and constructions but also to the menu consultant.
We find and add the unique and taste recipes to your menu; it only happen when the menu consultant are expert in food and exploring them. So, our menu consultant team will help you to drive the foodies to your space again and again.

Restaurant Financial Plan:

Restaurant Financial Planning is an expertise parameter that needs to be optimum to minimize the budget and at the same time the space should be lavish in looking. Our Restaurant financial planning team strives hard to maximum the lavishness in minimum budget.

Restaurant Consultant In India:

Our standards and optimum planning will be unique and definitely make difference from others. Our estimations at budget and planning will be authentic and maintain a standard in market space. You can compare our standards with other restaurant consulting organizations in India and definitely you will conclude that the restaurant consulting team of Restrosol will be the best.

Our Restaurant Consulting Team and Restaurant Financial Planning showed their expertise and wellness for almost 20+ clients in 15 cities and successfully setted up 5 restaurants and they were happy with our journey.

It is been around 15+ services all around the India who utilized our expertise and superior restaurant financial planning for their startups and renovations.

Our price will always be 30% to 40% less than the other market price.

Site Visit

Site Visiting Services By Our Expert Restaurant Consulting Team:

We help you in each second of your dream building. Your dream is our goal that requires achieving. We will visit your restaurant site for analyzing the available resources that all have.
We will analyze the space availability, your budget, and listen to your requirement. Once the analyzing done, we will revert back to you in 48 hours with our proposed estimation.

Our site visit charges are:


Once the process of Restaurant Consulting, Restaurant Financial Planning, and Menu Consulting is finalized; it is the time to finalize the budget of your space. Once the budget for overall firm is finalized; our team will focus on the blueprint of your setup.

Firstly we will prepare the 2D drawing with all the requirements (furniture, decorative items, idols, roof items, etc.) then we will proceed to the 3D drawing which will showcase each and every particles of the space so, it will be easy to visualize the actual construction before it born.

We will not deviate ourself from the planning and designing which shows our professionalism in working and commitment.

Then we make 3D layout & Design where we design your space

We create 3d drawings with actual material like, Colors, furniture, equipment, lights, wallpapers etc.

It helps you to visualize how your space is looking after designing.

Note: We will charge the 50% amount of our consultancy, 2D drawing, 3D drawing, and BOQ work to proceed for the designing.

This designing cost includes:

2d Plan

  • Site Blueprint
  • Kitchen Layout
  • Proposed Layout
  • Electric Drawing
  • Furniture layout
  • Plumbing Plan

3d Drawings

  • 3D view of all walls
  • 3D Kitchen Design
  • 3D View of Ceiling
  • 3D Interior View
  • 3D View of Furniture
  • 3D View of Entrance

Bill Of Quantity

  • Equipment Specification
  • Price of each Items
  • Easy to Compare
  • Helps in Estimation
  • Plan of Execution
  • Helps in Budgeting

Makeover Process



Opt for a unique design from a developed concept to invite tons of warmth and comfort to every customer of your restaurant.



To get your outlet start or renovate, register with Restrosol with all your all requirements and budget and book an appointment for a site visit with our team



Every client has a dream for his Restaurant. Our team visits your site. Take your time to explore good interior designs/themes in detail to rejuvenate your restaurant space instantly. We also guide you on how to reuse/utilize your old equipment and old furniture, so that you can reduce your budget and can save your money as well.



Quickly come to your decision for the perfect design and let our artistic designers wonderfully transform your space.



Leave your budget-related queries aside, sit down with us and discuss all the finer details to physically realize your dream restaurant now.

“We setup/renovate your restaurant in your budget”

Mode of Payment

Payment can be done by cash, Phone Pay, Google pay and Bank Transfer.

50% of cost to be paid in advance and remaining on approval of work.

18% GST extra on the total work amount