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Want to Start A Restaurant? Meet Top Restaurant Consultants in India - Restrosol

Starting a new restaurant needs proper guidance and concept which reduces the chances of failure. Most of the new startup’s restaurant setup fails due to a lack of the right direction. Restrosol helps you to make the best path which reduces costs and increases the possibility of earning profits. Before starting a new restaurant and after starting a restaurant we provide proper plan and strategies of checklists of all workings which provide clear vision for further process.

Pre Opening Assistance

Unique Concept Creation

We offer unique, innovative, strong ideas for your restaurant which is the base of every business. Our vast market research and applied tactics bring a new identity to your brand.

Space Plan

We choose the best location or analyze the pre-selected location and make a layout plan for that space. Our expert guides the required paper formalities and permits required to set up a startup restaurant.

Kitchen Design

Designing a kitchen for your restaurant or bar is our favourite step. The best layout depends on several factors like flexibility, sanitation, simplicity, space, etc

Menu designing

People judge a restaurant's personality from its menu. An impressive menu plays a major role in every restaurant’s success. Our creative team covers your cost and gives style to your dish which makes it attractive and highly impressive for clients.

Interior Layouts

Our experts guide you about the color selection, furniture selection, and other attractive points which we can highlight to attract the customer. The impressive interior of the restaurant makes space in customers’ minds easily.

Recruiting Staff

Dedicated and efficient staff recruitment for the start up restaurant is also a big task that needs proper planning and directions. Our consultancy gives proper training to staff which ultimately gives success to the business.

Post Opening Assistance

Operation Assessment

We assess all processes and systems, as well as operational standards, guest and staff experience aspects, cost controls, product and service quality, price vs value relationships, standard execution, training, and leadership.

Staff Management

Restrosol arranges special staff training programs which eliminate the excessive HR department costs. We also provide smart hiring and employee efficiency engaging activities from time to time.

Cost Management

Timely checking the cost of the business helps to control the excessive burden. We monitor wastages of resources and food and act to use these resources in the right way.

SOP Management

After starting a restaurant some pre-defined list of regulations and norms should be formed to get effective work. These SOPs make the reputation of the restaurant in front of the customers.

Regular Reporting

It's critical to understand which are the most vital ones to keep an eye on regularly. Sales, expense, inventory, and marketing reports will allow you to keep a close check on all aspects of your restaurant's operations and make changes as needed.

Food Safety Auditing

Regular food safety audits helps to improve the quality of food in restaurants. We also keep a strict eye on the physical, electrical, and structural operations of the business..

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